Fresh Ontario Lamb

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Fresh Ontario Lamb
Our lamb is produced and processed locally. This means that the book of ra kostenlos spielen ohne anmeldung online.

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Lamb tastes great!
A good quality lamb will have a nice fat finish, which not only adds flavour to the lean meat, but can also be in the right amount a healthy part of a balanced diet. Fat provides taste in food and an oil-rich texture. It supports the production of essential hormones and the uptake of vitamins in the human body.

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Lamb a healthy alternative!
-Less is more how much you eat is just as important in a healthy diet as what you eat. Lamb cuts are smaller than other meats providing you with just the right-sized portion of meat for a healthy lifestyle.


Lamb is good for you!
Lamb meat is a source of protein that is rich and balanced in essential amino acids.
Lamb is particularly rich in vitamin B-12, and in niacin, zinc and iron.

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A variety of lamb recipes are available, courtesy of the Premium Ontario Lamb website.

Our free pokies online is available typically from mid June through to December as whole or half, fresh or frozen, and is cut to the instructions you provide.

For availability or to order, email us or call us at . You must know what us open golf prize money.

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