Breed Information:

The North Country Cheviot is a breed that has been widely used in the north of England and Scotland for several centuries. They are independent sheep, strong willed, vigorous and very hardy in harsh climates and rough pasture. The free pokies online are best novoline book of ra kostenlos spielen ohne anmeldung to pasture based systems where the management is not intensive.

The ewes exhibit superior mothering instincts and deliver lambs easily. The lambs are vigorous at birth with excellent survivability. They demonstrate an average rate of gain, the carcass quality is very good with an above average yield percentage. North Country rams are often used in crossbreeding programs to pass on the maternal strengths of the breed as well as to produce desirable carcasses. You must know what purse for us open golf.

Service Sires:

Westerdale RDG 35D

This is the 2017 All Canada Classic Champion NC Cheviot Ram. A very correct ram, hard to find a fault. Long bodied, thick and well mannered. Another ram from Greg Rosenke of Didsbury, Alberta.


Westerdale RDG 22B

This is a deep bodied ram that has produced tremendous offspring. We have been very pleased with the growth rates and thickness that this ram has passed onto his lambs. We purchased this ram from Susan Neal of Spruce View, Alberta.

RDG 31Y (head)RDG 31Y (side)Westerdale RDG 31Y

This is a very stylish ram, with a good clean head, long body, correct feet, and well-muscled. We purchased this ram from Greg Rosenke of Didsbury, Alberta.

Reference Sires:

RB 46M (Pasture)Rusty Bucket RB 46M

A lot of our ewes have been influenced by this ram with excellent rate of gain, strong toplines, deep bodies and natural thickness. This was a Glen Porteous pick during his visit to Alan and Liz Breakey in 2002.

RDG 1S (side)Westerdale RDG 1S

This was the 2007 Calgary Stampede Champion North Country Cheviot Ram. RDG 1S was used extensively in our flock and produced lambs that were the top pick by customers for breeding rams and replacement ewes. A very well tempered ram with a nice head, larger frame, that passed on thickness and rate of gain to his progeny.

RB 25T (side)Rusty Bucket RB 25T

This was the 2008 Calgary Stampede Supreme Champion Ram of all the breeds. The bloodline of this ram traces back to the Queen Mothers flock in northern Scotland. We were fortunate to be able to acquire this ram from Alan and Liz Breakey of Bragg Creek, Alberta.


Yearling ewe & lamb (pasture)The North Country ewes are known for their mothering ability, lambing on their own and getting the lambs up to nurse without assistance and within a few minutes of birth. We carefully maintain our ewe flock through record management ensuring they are producing lambs that have the traits that are needed. We pay close attention to confirmation, correct feet and legs, rate of gain and maternal history.

We are convinced that in the current environment, breeding stock must be engineered for optimal meat production and profitable performance. We believe we are achieving this through careful ram selection, culling practices, health programs, and record management.

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